Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Doug's 3 C's (and an A and a G and a smidge of L)

Home alone days are rare for me, and when they roll around, my lazy habits come out in full force. It's Christmas eve and I have a giant, holiday-related to do list, but I'm still in my PJs at 10 AM and I still have no idea what my husband and mom are getting tomorrow. I have a tendency to push things off by making up other dumb things I need to do instead. On home alone days, it's usually "Welp! 10 AM that is close eee-nough to lunch!" and then I proceed to consume something ridiculous because I can and my husband isn't around to tell me that waffles and popcorn are not appropriate lunch options. 

Fortunately Doug was around to remind me that there are healthy mid-morning snack alternatives.

Doug: Needs more bacon
Me: You can't juice bacon, Doug
Doug: Have you tried?

I initially started perusing my juicing recipe book, but I was too impatient to find something that would have all of the ingredients in my kitchen. Into the fridge I went, and out came the pile of goodness you see above. I guesstimated that I would get a me-sized glass of juice out of that, but I ended up throwing in a couple extra celery stalks and a carrot to up the yield to this full glass of tastiness here:

Go team!

With a greenish, brownish, reddish hue, it's not as pretty as yesterday's concoction, but it was quite delicious. I shall call it..

Doug's 3 C's (and an A and a G and a smidge of L)
4-5 red chard leaves
2 carrots
3 stalks of celery
1 apple
A nugget of ginger (so precise!)
A squeeze of lemon

Wash your stuff. Start with the chard in the juicer chute. Turn your juicer on and add the rest, except for the lemon. Add the lemon, give it a stir and add a straw. Thank your dog for encouraging you to make good choices.

Bon appetite!


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