Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fake it till you make it

I've been sick for a solid month now. It's not a legitimate bug or ailment, because I'm blessed with some sort of superhuman immune system that can withstand that majority of cold and flu seasons. It's the type of ill-health that comes from consuming more processed junk than I care to admit, and less time physically moving this squishy self than is recommended for a human of my age. Things aren't working the way that they're supposed to- which means I have a perma-tummyache and have the energy of an inanimate object.

Most know me as a mostly healthy super active triathlon/dancer/runner chick, but I would say that I'm far from that person. While I suppose I look healthy on the outside, and have participated in sporting events in the recent past, and follow fitness bloggers and claim I don't eat dairy and juice regularly, I'm a faker. I've been fortunate enough to have real healthy people get me to finish lines and skinny jeans, but it's never been me, and the second I don't have someone prompting me to be good, I'm off the line.

I've always wanted to be a REAL healthy person. So it's time to admit that I'm Mama June on the inside and stop faking it.

And so, for my first feat, I'm going to dust of my juicer and juicing recipe book!

Tubo-charge? Mmmk we'll see little book, we'll see.

..tomorrow. It's already 9 pm you guys. And I'm pretty full from the WAFFLES I MADE FOR DESSERT. Yes, that happened because I <3 everything that is NOT good for me. Even if it gives me stomach aches, which this did. But hey, I decided to start a blog about getting healthy so perhaps I'm learning.

Stand by folks, for the morning's juicy concoction.


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