Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Monday

I have an obsession.

The happiest place on earth.

About a week ago, a version of this bad boy opened up next door to my work. Not only that, it's a combination of a fro-yo bar AND cookie shop. As soon as they started construction, the thought crossed my mind that now is probably the time when I throw in the towel on being a healthy, fit person.

Maybe it's that I haven't given up on my New Years resolutions yet, or that the teeny tiny fit person that lives inside me is still kicking, but I've managed to end up at the shop three times in one week and consume less than half the amount of fro-yo that old me would down in one visit. 

For the record, the reason I ended up at the shop three times in one week was due to very, very, very strong peer pressure from a co-worker. 

During today's visit #3, I accompanied my friend as she filled up her cup with frozen deliciousness and candy toppings. And for the first time ever, I walked out of the place with nothing

I don't think you understand how much I LOVE these places. Love. 

So being able to resist my favorite unhealthy thing in favor of a healthy cup of tea was an awesome feeling. And once I was out of there, I didn't regret not getting any. I know it's not going anywhere.

Learn to say no to the things that are bad for you. You know what they are.

Make room in your life to say yes to the things that are good.

After work, I made my way next door - this time to sign up for a gym membership. Go me.

Happy Monday! Make good choices!


  1. Wow two great choices. I heard something recently that I try to include in my attempts at mindfulness: if I eat this, what will I feel afterward, relief or regret? Here's to relief!

  2. I actually tried that today, Lissa! I was faced with yet another fro-yo dilemma today, and I made a point to think ahead to how I would feel AFTER I ate. I knew I'd feel regret, and then it was easy to say no.