Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Midweek reset

I've let a fairly major life event that occurred last week be my excuse for getting a little lazy in the days since. Particularly in terms of eating well and putting real effort into my workouts.

In my defense, I did come home to pizza and apple pie tonight. 

But that's a terrible excuse, when a large part of why I'm focusing on treating my body and mind well is so that I can handle the crazy days in a healthy way. It's only Tuesday, and old me probably would have said "Eh well f*** it, I'll just enjoy the week and start with two hour daily workouts on Monday. So until then, bring on the pie."

Unfortunately I'm getting smarter when it comes to that sort of thing, and I have a hard time believing that I'd stick to that perfect eating and workout plan for longer than a day. 

That's why I'm striving for a little bit each day and learning to accept that sometime I may break the chain. New me is learning to say "ok, tomorrow is it's own day. Just keep going."

So tomorrow I'm going to hit the reset and will specifically focus on three things. Easy!

1. Drink a ton of water and tea
2. Eat super clean - no dairy, bread or sugar 
3. Put in a solid workout

I'm not a cleanse person, so this is more of a mini break from the processed junk that I know makes me feel super meh by early afternoon. I think if I'm a bit more conscious of what I need to work on tomorrow, I can go into the days following feeling back in the swing of healthy, happy things.

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