Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I am...

I am... a very big dreamer.
I want... an adventure around the world.
I have... a husband that I adore. 
I wish... I had taken more risks when I was younger.
I hate... sitting in traffic for more than 30 minutes.
I fear... that I'll never take a leap of faith.
I hear... myself argue in my head about every tiny decision.
I search... for a sign of what I'm supposed to be doing in life.
I wonder... if I'll get to be old and gray.
I regret... not having been a little more daring and reckless when I was younger.
I love... my little family that I get to come home to every day.
I ache... when I've truly given it my all in a race.
I always... try to understand both points of view.
I usually... am a healthy eater. Usually, but not always. 
I am not... going to be satisfied until I've explored the world.
I dance... any chance I can.
I sing... horribly on purpose in the car to make my husband laugh.
I never...want want to wake up as an old woman never having had an adventure.
I sometimes... think about how nice it would be to settle down and start a family.
I cry... when I'm overwhelmed by stress.
I am not always... walking my talk.  
I lose...myself in planning when I have an idea.
I am confused... whenever my husband tries to talk to me about programming languages.
I need... to stop worrying.
I should... spend more time with my family.

 *thanks to Shine or Set for the post inspiration :)

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