Saturday, January 18, 2014

Priorities man

via Poorly Drawn Lines
Get rid of the beard and that's basically me. Some days, swap out the cheese for peanut butter, and it still works.

Dairy is not my friend. But sometimes often I'll eat it knowing that in 30 minutes or less, I'm gonna feel like crap. Same goes for chocolate. Soda. Large volumes of food. Basically all the enjoyable parts of eating.

When I go through period of being "good", like avoiding dairy for example, I feel awesome. My skin looks great. Life is good. Yet time and time again, I return to the cheese. Or the chocolate.

Or the general life things that have made me sick or break out or feel bad or feel bad about myself.

I haven't come up with a perfect solution to stay on track, other than some sort of shock collar. Although in reflecting on myself in the last year, I suppose I'm making progress. I haven't purchased milk in ages, though I do sneak a string cheese or skinny latte a couple times a week. I haven't hit a drive thru in forever, but that doesn't mean I'll turn my nose up at a cheeseburger if it happens to be in front of my face.

Better than before.

Still a work in progress.


  1. Last year I went for 3 months completely gluten and dairy free. I lost weight and felt great, but missed bread and cheese so much! I mean, I live near Murray's cheese and great bakeries. Let's just say that I am eating them again.

  2. Cheese is definitely my weakness. I've managed to give up most dairy, and sub in almond or soy milk where I can, but I haven't found any good subs for real cheese :(