Thursday, December 26, 2013

This ain't so bad

Other than slight chipmunk cheeks earlier in the day, this whole wisdom teeth removal business hasn't been half bad. Husband has made a wonderful nurse, and I've enjoyed not feeling guilty about lying on the couch all day watching my favorite Studio Ghibli movies. The pain has been minimal to non-existent, and I'm almost regretting having the pain med prescriptions refilled today after Lars mistakenly threw them out before my surgery.

I thought this whole process would be worse, but I think that keeping the hard drugs and bad food to a minimum during recovery has really helped a lot. While a real vanilla shake sounds perfect about now, and something I rarely treat myself to, I'm glad I went with a chocolate protein shake with almond milk instead for my first meal of the day.

Now its time to pick out movie number four, and enjoy a glass of fresh juice. Since Lars is my chef at the moment and he has a tendency to throw in whatever he can find in the fridge (sound familiar?), this recipe is going to be super rough.

Lars' Recovery Juice

Wash it. Juice it. Bam.

This one is tasty and a bit gingery. Sweet, pretty and a good dessert thanks to the beets. I don't even know why I'm throwing these up on the blog. I have the cooking skills of a toddler. I promise that these will get more interesting when I'm back at it!


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