Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up


I started using MyFitnessPal last week to help myself be more mindful about the foods that I put in my body and the training that I do to reach my fitness goals. It hasn't been a perfect week. In fact, I could have done WITHOUT a lot less and WITH a lot more working out.

What I can say however, is that logging everything that I eat and drink does have me thinking harder about the food choices that I make. Logging all of the bad things that I ate just a couple hours ago while rooting the Seahawks on during the Super Bowl was painful, but seeing everything on the screen has kept me from heading back in the kitchen to polish off those peanut M&Ms.

For me, it isn't just enough to log everything for the day and start fresh tomorrow. A practice that I've started after I'm "done" for the day is to look back and make a few notes about what I should have done differently. Today, I could have done without that second bottle of beer and the peanut M&Ms during the game, and I wouldn't have felt at all deprived.

My goal for February is to log my meals every day and reflect on my choices in this way daily, to establish the good habits that someday won't depend on tracking and checking things off on my smartphone.

By this time next month, I expect to be feeling, looking, and running better.

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