Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I've fallen

Time to get up.
First the good. Marathon training has been (pretty) good and consistent. Work has also been good. I'm finally feeling settled more often than not, which is huge for me.

Now the bad. Remember those resolutions came up with at the start of the new year? Yeah.. me neither apparently. I haven't cracked open a book in weeks, that whole "eating clean" thing isn't really a thing as of late, and I find myself falling into the internet hole at home as a way of postponing whatever more important task I should be doing.

Time for a little reset.

I've re-enabled my "bad" site blockers, and installed the application on my second "cheat" browser. I'm going to go back to blogging every day, like I was doing in January. I find I need that daily outlet, which also works to help keep me accountable with my other daily goals.

More water. More vegetables. Less bread and pasta and sweets. Much less.

Wish me luck.

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