Friday, February 21, 2014

Why am I so awkward?


Is a platonic girlfriend finder for girls a thing? If yes, then..

1. That is SUCH a sad thing
2. How do I sign up?

It's been just about three years since I walked away from a really fun group of girlfriends that was unfortunately split by some unfortunate drama. I was basically just a bystander during that tumultuous time, but the experience was exhausting and things were never the same. I made up a reason to take a break and haven't been back since. I still have a few girlfriends, but our lives all seem to be so very different now, we are physically far away from each other, and I see us growing farther apart as time goes on. 

I've finally learned to say no to the things that always felt like "no choice," because everything is a choice and few things are actually obligations. I'm a lifelong introvert and savor the abundance of me-time when I'm not at work. Lately though, I miss have more choices and things to say yes to, particularly when it comes to relationships with other people. 

Maybe it's not just me. Seattle has a reputation apparently..

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